Hello! My name is Joel Dowell, but you can call me EagleByte. I am 15 years old. I was born on May 22, 2003, in Springfield, Missouri. We lived there for a few years and then moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, where my dad was a youth pastor for a year and a half. We moved back to Springfield when I was 3. My dad worked at O' Riley's for a while, and then in 2010, we moved to Buffalo, Wyoming. My dad then pastored a church for 4 years. After 4 years, he became a chaplain in the Air Force, and we moved to Illinois.

In Illinois, I joined Boy Scouts (what used to be Boy Scouts until the girls came in) and went to NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training) in the summer of 2016. I completed my Eagle Scout project (building a playground for a nearby church) in June of 2017, and finished Eagle on July 6, 2017. That same summer, I was called into the OA (Order of the Arrow).

I got involved in computers around July of 2017. I was helping somebody move out of their house and found an old Compaq Presario 5000 in their basement. They let me keep it, a mouse, and keyboard for free. That was part of my payment. I did research on it on how to make it a better system and then proposed the idea to my parents to make a computer for myself.

After doing my research, I began finding and piecing together parts lists for myself to experiment with. I thought then that DDR4 was compatible with DDR3 sockets! I was such a noob then but eventually came to where I am: I know what sockets are compatible with what, I have memorized all Ryzen processor names (still working on Intel) and know every chipset for 2018 (X470, Z370, etc). Wow. I have come a long way!

In January of this year (2018), I began purchasing parts for my build. I finished the build in April of the same year (2018). From there, I had hoped to sell it but was unable to. That's okay, though, as I have a pretty good computer for school now! I also recently merged the primary OS to Ubuntu 18.04 using the "Budgie" desktop environment. It's been quite the experience, but I'm glad I did it. Now, I'm a Linux fanatic!

I hope that someday, I will know even more about computers than I do now. If you made it to here, congratulations and thanks! I know that people don't like to hear others talk about themselves a lot, but reading about them on a webpage, IMO, is much easier.

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