Hello, my name is Ben and I just got into computers about two years ago. But at that time, I didn't really know about a PC's individual parts and what each one did. A little while later, I did a lot of research on PC parts and how all of the stuff works and I now know about everything that a person that is into gaming and the simple ability to do every day tasks very well. Not too long after I got my knowledge of PC parts up to where it should be, I discovered I then created some part lists that I determined will fit my needs and even did quite a few that I just made for fun to see the ridiculous price. Even though I am yet to actually build a gaming PC that will do just what I want it to, I still have some experience in modifying my current rig. Before I upgraded it, it had a msi GeForce GT 730 GPU that only had the hardware of DX11 and wouldn't run any of the games that I wanted it to. I Bought an EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 SuperClocked but I had discovered that my old GPU had no need for a designated power source so the PSU didn't have a power cable for a GPU. I then had to order a simple, non-modular EVGA 430 Watt power supply, but at that time, I didn't know about cable management. When I was replacing the old PSU, I didn't open the cable management side to remove any of the cables going through the walls of the case. What I did do though was slowly, and very carefully lead the cables through the frame (Which took over an hour) and then once I had finally removed the old PSU, I did the same process in reverse to install the new one. When that tedious task was done with, I took a quick breath to get rid of some stress from the whole horrible replacing hours and then I placed the 1060 in and plugged in the six pin cable. I tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. I was now seriously stressed out. I took a break from all of this stuff and ate some dinner then came back and eventually found out that it was the on and off button wire that had been improperly reconnected. I fixed that and hoped for the best and it worked. I was relieved and now felt a good sense of accomplishment. I have a lot more upgrades in mind that will really improve it's performance. The upgrades for that are labeled as: UAG-053 and UAG-054, and the upgrade that I did do is called the UAG-052. I have one other build that I plan on doing featuring an i7 7700K and EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 and is called the B-27. As of right now, I have created 127 part lists and still counting.