First build in over a decade. Had some issues with the fan connections in the case not fully matching the instructions, but eventually got everything together. Missed connecting the PSU to the CPU power on the MOBO as it was kind of hidden towards the top of the board, but that was the only hiccup.

The 2080ti is absolutely overkill but I didn't want to have to think about any overclocking just yet. I just wanted to max out everything I threw at it without thinking. It's been a beast so far, looking forward to more raytracing support.

The most impressive part of the build is definitely the monitor. The curved bit gives it a slight depth that really fills your own personal field of view.

Part Reviews


The user guide for the install on this was top notch, it made connecting the components a breeze. Well labeled and the colors on the board look stunning.


Blown away by how cool this was. The MOBO came with a heatsink for this as well and it was a breeze to attach.


Giving this 4 stars because the user guide was fairly lacking. It was basically just pictures, and the case itself had an absolute mess of wires that could have been better labeled, especially for the fans. Cable management system inside was really nice once I figured it all out, and I liked the blocked off section for the PSU.

Power Supply

Really enjoyed the fully modular look of this, my only complaint is that a couple of the cables felt really short (specifically the CPU cable) making management in the case a bit tricky.


The most stunning part of the build by far. I'm not sure why Alienware doesn't ship this overclocked to 120hz out of the box, it seems like the first thing just about everyone would do. I had read about issues with the gamma being low on the Alienware version of this screen (the Predator X34p uses the same screen but calibrated differently), but I don't notice any darkness issues.

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I am of the opinion that you can never have overkill on a single GPU gaming set up. You can argue price to performance all you want and get hung up on the right CPU/GPU combo and those are valid points, but you can still never have too much graphical performance.

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Cable Management. It will keep the dust under control and provide better airflow as well

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I want that

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awesome specs but terrible cable management. try to fix it.

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Are the temperatures acceptable with this much restriction from cables/hoses?

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Definitely needs more cable management, I was too excited to just get the thing going at first :-D Will post an updated picture later. My main complaint with the PSU is that some of the cables are actually fairly short for this particular case, since the cables get routed through the opposite side to hide most of them.

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