The Forge was built with passion in mind. From building an NFL football team from scratch to putting in all your efforts in the development of video games. I was inspired by both to build a system that not only looked pretty but also performed well. Fractal Design had the case I was looking for. The Define R6 was just screaming "mod me" from the beginning. My wife got me the case as a gift for Christmas and I never looked back. I was always that guy, against all the RGB craze and fancy lighting.

Corsair has hit the mark with the Lighting Node Pro. The level of customization is unmatched in my opinion.

The 360 H150i may be a bit overkill for a single CPU but my temps are reaping the rewards. On a full load of 1080p gaming, It may spike to 54c. It keeps the i7 8700k at a chilly 30-32c idle temperature.

I continued the Corsair theme as I was building because of the quality you get. The only way I would be able to RBG and perform was through Corsair.

Next up was the RAM. I went with Vengeance RGB because of the multiple led's included with the heatsinks. Oh, and it's fast too.

The MB choice came down to the VRAM. Gigabyte Aorus Ultra won this in the Z390 category, hands down.

The SSD choice for the OS was pretty easy to pick, however picking the storage drives were a bit more troublesome. I decided on the WD blue out of price/performance and ended up putting those 2 M.2 drives in a RAID 0. Couldn't be happier.

I picked up some custom cables through Amazon to continue the blue and white theme.

The GPU was a lot of research and it changed several times through the 4-month process. "Wasn't spending 1500 on a GPU" NVIDIA, what can I say. I started on the 1070ti and ended up deciding on the GeForce 2080 ftw 3 edition. Would love to hear if others had this same experience

I decided the Corsair 850 watt RMx would be plenty to power up The Forge. I decided on the white version as it had white cabling.

The build couldn't have been any easier, to be honest. I had a local guy water blast the hole for the custom LCD screen. It powers through one of my USB and uses HDMI. Great for displaying my CPU/GPU thermals. Would love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Edit 4/20/2019:Finally got the desk, chair and monitor mount for the displays. So far it has been great seeing it come together and tweaking the OC's. Just cruising at 4.8ghz/ the ram is OC to 3600 frequency. The graphics card can OC to 2100mhz if I add 600 to the memory and 105 to the GPU and max the target power setting. Temps have been fantastic. Streaming and gaming on the GPU yielded a high temp of 69c after over an hour. Very satisfied with the performance and how well everything went together. The case was hands down the easiest case I've worked with. Thank's for taking the time to read.

Edit 4/27/2019: Added updated pictures.


  • 6 months ago
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Wow, that is seriously clean. Awesome build! :D

  • 6 months ago
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How does the LCD screen work? Plugged into the PC with USB, is there a specific software needed to display the stats?

  • 5 months ago
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such a cheeki build, im liking this one a lot. tarkov ftw lol.

  • 6 months ago
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Thank's for checking out the build! So yeah, the LCD is powered up via one of the USB ports in the back. The software shown is actually free. ( ) I'm orking on a custom sized overlay at the moment.