This rig was made up of parts that were cheap at the time and that I needed. original it was an AMD machine. But when vr was coming out I switch to and Intel based machine. Over time I would replace parts here and there and the monitors I got for cheap. The Dell was from my old employer and the LG was from a local pawn store i got on the cheap.

I use the machine mostly for 3D modeling and texturing, but gaming is a must. This thing handles VR like a champ.

The third monitor is an XP-Artist 15.6 tablet display that is basically an entry level Wacom Cintiq. great for working on Substance Painter and Zbrush.

I have had the machine for sometime now and I ended up changing and adding a few thing here and there. I removed the hard drive bay and added 3.5 to 5. whatever mounting brackets to my two hard drives and placed them above my DVD drive. So I could have room for the H100 GTX in the front of the rig.

Later on I made a PSU cover and gave it a Deadpool theme. I made it out a piece of acrilyc and a brush guard wall outlet for some nice cable management.

What I do plan on changing out is main hard drive with and SSD and the 3TB with a 12TB. Also getting another set of DDR4 ram for 64GB of ram. And at some point a new prosesor and motherboard that supports SLI.

OHHH!!!! And a Deadpool action figure to hang out in there. (or a fake chimichanga)

Part Reviews


As an entry level CPU for anyone wanting to build an all in one PC for media creation, gaming, and vr. This is the processor for you.

CPU Cooler

This is the coolest cooler I have ever used. Keeping my CPU temps way down, I don't have to worry about over heating. And the RGB logo is a nice touch especialy as a warning light when the CPU is getting too hot. Which has yet to happen to me. My only complaint it the USB B cable feels bulky and hard the cable manage as well as the fan control wires that come out from the side. Wish they had them turned at a 90 degree angle so the could fold flush with the block.


This motherboard is okay. The built-in hardware is okay but the major flaw is the fact that it doesn't support SLI and the Gigabyte app center. Especially the SIV for monitoring your temps and fans speeds, which doesn't work, in fact it causes my fans connected to motherboard to stop working. I only got it because it was cheap and on sale.


In terms of memory for a PC, this is the best I have ever used before. every scenes I got these way back, They have never let me down and I am hoping to get another pair down the road so I have 64GB of ram. The only thing is that I wish it was in red as well for alternating colors on my rig. and that the prices would go down.


If you want to us this as a main drive for your OS. You can't due to the fact that the highest an operating system can be on is 2TB. But as a secondary storage drive for games music and movies. You can't go wrong. But is you are a person who wants to download a massive steam library of games and a crap ton of 720p to 1080p movies. You may want to look into a bigger drive.


A descent drive as you main boot dive if you don't have a SSD.

Video Card

This has been one or my most reliable GPU's I have ever used. For gaming and 3D modeling. It is still running laps around other GPU's on the market and I still can't justify replacing it. If it wasn't for the fact that my motherboard doesn't support SLI, I would have another one by now.


As cheap case brands go, its okay. While the overall design is nice, you don't have mush room for a water cooling block. I bought it because I needed a new case fast and my local computer store had one. I was told my cooling block would fit, It did. but with out the fans for it inside. I ended up removing the two red led 140mm fans, the hard drive bays, and getting some 3.5 to 5.25 brackets for my hard drives. The LED fans that where a selling point for this case did not last long and were louder then I wanted. And it did not have a PSU cover for cable management. And the dust filters aren't the best. in fact I ended up losing the one to the PSU. If you want cheap, go for it. but save out for a better case.

Power Supply

With today's PSU out there. The fact that this is a semi modular unit with what feels and looks like cheap cables with no regards of looks kills me. While the power supply is fine. The biggest draw back it the cables and bulky they are. Making cable management a pain.

Optical Drive

It's a DVD reader. Nothing much to say.

Operating System

In truth, the OS is fine. but the only reason I bought it was that when I switched out motherboards from AMD to Intel, I couldn't authenticate the OS anymore. The reason was that I upgraded for from from my student copy of 7 to 10 and the code no longer worked. Also, WHY THE HELL DO I NEED TO MAKE SURE I HAVE A COPY IN THE LANGUAGE I SPEAK!!!!!???? THAT SHOULD BE A SETTING WHEN INSTALLING IT!!!!!!! I had to go back to Best Buy and return the copy I grabbed because it was all in Spanish and no where on the box do they make that obvious at a glance.

Wireless Network Adapter

If you'r home has no Ethernet at all and your motherboard doesn't have WiFi built in. This is a must and works great. My rig now has Bluetooth and long ranged WiFi. The only grip I have is that the board is the bright green. I wish you had your pick of colors.

Case Fan

These fans are extremely quite and powerful. After I installed them, I couldn't hear them at all once I turned on my rig. But they were turning. The only time I could hear them was under a heavy work load.

Case Fan

While this is not as quite as the other Corsair fans out there. It is still extremely quite. With the programmable RGB and the control you can get with the Corsair Commander Pro, these are the fans for anyone who is joining the RGB movement. The one thing I wish for is that the plastic was more diffuse.


For an older monitor the picture is great and I truly enjoy using it. I love the glass display and wished that more monitor did this.


I feel that the image and color of this monitor are great. The 3D mode is great for turning 2D video feed 3D, and not needing active 3D glasses is great. I Just wish that this tech was more affordable when it first came out. Also if I could find another one for sale.


For as keyboards go. Its nice and the wireless is great too working off the same dongle as the mouse. But I wished it used a mechanical key system instead of a membrane one. And that I could reprogram the Fn key commands to be what I want them to be.


If your a gamer or create media content of any kind, this is something you want. With the programmable keys and thumb controls, you can do almost anything. The adjustable hand rest is nice. The software is great and you can have different profile for each of your programs and games that are automatically setup when the software is running. The only downside is that you need to be online for the software that runs it to work. But the new models have more features and buttons for a lesser price.


It's a wireless laser mouse. It works fine. Not much to say really.


As a vr fan, this is a must, especially if you use the touch controls. But this should already come with the rift so you have three towers to place.


Once you get this thing working, its great. When I installed it I was able to use the USB 2.0 headers on it to power and use the h100 pump I have and the USB 2.0 ports on the outside of my rig. But with the fans started when I started my rig up. Corsair LINK was not detecting it and the light from the RGB HD 120mm fans didn't work. But the fix was easy.

  1. uninstall and reinstall LINK, Close Link if is on.
  2. Turn off you FIrewall
  3. unplug the SATA Power from the Commander Pro
  4. Have a friend take a bent paper clip and press and hold the reset button on the Commander Pro. 5.While still holding the reset button. plug the SATA power back in. The LED on the Commander Pro should start blinking.
  5. Once plugged in, remove the paper clip and your computer should now be detecting the unit.
  6. if prompted, update the driver for it, If not prompted, open LINK and check the device for an update. If so, update.
  7. once finished, restart your pc and you should now have full control on the unit.
  8. Go to the Configure tab and arrange the icons correctly to your rig.


This is the best way to do VR on the market right now. While the HTC VIVE has a better display over all and room scaling. The Rift for me still has it beat. First of all is that it is comfortable, the light weight minimalist design is light enough that you will for get that it is on you head. The touch controls feel so right to hold. With the button layout similar to the Xbox One controller and the pressure sensitive grip and trigger for grabbing and shooting in vr feels perfect to me. Unlike the controllers for the VIVE that feel like I'm holding a clunky stick. And what I love most is that if you wear glasses, most frames will fit.

But there are a few draw backs that hold the system back. One is the screen door effect, that is when you can see the spaces on black line between the pixels. Which hopefully can be fixed with a denser display. Second is that the lenses, will out of the box the are great, they can be prone to scratches if not taken care of properly. This can be fixed if there was a viable screen protector for them that didn't effect the display negatively. Third is that the cable feels to be too short and could stand to be longer. Forth is that there is no true room scaling and to get close to that you need and third sensor that is sold separately and come with a USB active extension cable, if you buy form Amazon. Finally is the built in headphones and strap inferred sensors, while they are great in terms of sound quality. I found after a year of use, the the connection from the headset to the electronics in the strap failed. This hopefully is a simple hardware flaw and can be fixed with change in the hardware and/or the next version.

While this isn't much of a problem, The fact that none of the controllers have built in batteries in this day in age is just wrong. You will want to get 4 rechargeable AA batteries.


This by far is the best alternative to a Wacom Cintiq. The pen is passive with 8129 levels of pressure sensitivity and can be tweaked in the driver software. It has 6 programmable macro keys. It light and compact with the perfect size for media creation. The there are a few thing that I don't care for. I have with it is that the there is no way to adjust the display with out using the built in software. in the driver. The matte screen diffuses the image to much for me and I wish they could have just given my a glossy glass screen and sold/give you different screen protectors to fit your screen taste. There is no display to HDMI adapter in the box, so if you don't have a spare HDMI port, you'll need to get one. Also they don't include a stand with it nor a way to mount it to a swivel arm. They so sell a stand for it. But the price is too high for me. An cheap $10 iPad stand from Amazon will work just fine.

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