Finally made my dream gaming/photo editing rig by the end of 2019. From last 2 yrs, I have had a hardware changes: originally I have had i5-4690S, 16 GB ram, and GTX 760. Then I have changed things for fun: i3-6100, i7-6700T, i7-7700, i3-8100, i3-8350K, i5-8400, i5-8600, i5-9600K, and even Ryzen 5 2600 and Ryzen 7 2700. Mobos were H310, B360, Z370 and AMD's B350 and B450. GPUS were primarily used (price question): GTX 970, GTX 1050, GTX 1050 Ti, GTX 1060 3 and 6 GB, and GTX 1070 for a little, which started to show troubles in OC case (aftermining edition of course), so I sold it out in order to not waste $$$ spent and got new RTX for many yrs of future now :) I play GTA Online, Far Cry 5/New Dawn, BF 1 (maybe 5 later), want to play Fallout 4 and Forza Horizon 4. Plans for the future: Plat/Gold 750W SeaSonic PSU, maybe RAM up to 24-32 GB, new monitor of course because this one is nice when I do photo editing (another task I do on this rig besides gaming and WWW-ing), but really bottleneck for my new sweety RTX 2070S :)

BTW, I have Gigabyte Z390 M mobo, but pcpartpicker has only Z390 M Gaming. Sad. Also, Logi speakers I have are white, here was only black color choice.

Playing on Trust Mecha keyboard. Dirt cheap and only disappoint compared to Razer SuperGammingOverpricedKeyboards is that Razer does have a soft wristpad.

The last image shows the only lights :) RAM has white light really, shooted on Note 8@ISO50, really shows how even a good phone sux compared to DSLR... :D


Part Reviews


Put it 24/7 all cores@4.3. Crunches games as hell. Great for photo editing too. I don't see point of i9-9900K. If I had free $ for 9900K, I'd rather bought LGA2066 CPU for this sum. OVERPRICED CRAP. I don't need OC at least today, maybe later I'll swap for 9700K@4.7 GHz, who knows :)

CPU Cooler

SHAME, NOCTUA. Tried this one with 3.5K RPM fan from old HP SFF business box PC - holy sh.., now that's what I call FLOW. Original Noctua fan is for silence, but it has flow efficiency only for Pentium CPU. i7-8700@4.3 - 65 C on Noctua fan, ~57-60 C on 3.5K RPM OEM fan. LOL, Noctua. A little.. overprice here ;) Well, I took it for design, huh. :D

Thermal Compound

I use only this one for myself&close friends.


Taste question, I like the design. I don't need toomanyrgb in RAM :) Mine has Hynix, so no OC here. I hoped they are putting B-Dies here only. But 3200 is ENOUGH for me.


If someone will say that NVME loads Windows within same time frame as SATA, I will say that this human is blind. No offence.


Loads Windows just a little slower than good SATA SSD, loads games same as SSD...

Video Card

I don't see the point for paying ~$80-100 more for Strix just because Strix has USB-C and stupid useless BIOS switch button. Lol. Cools itself pretty good. If someone will say this thing is noisy, then this human haven't heard a server noise.. for example... lol.


Bang for the buck. I don't need f..g glass. Because I open my rig as much as I open my wardrobe. The only things I don't like in this box, that PSU isn't hidden, and only 150 mm for CPU tower. Holy shame, Corsair. :) But, it's MicroATX which has volume for good amount of fans and really BIG GPUs. This moment, when size matters You know :D

Power Supply

Originally had GTX 1070 with this one, Nvidia site says you need 650W PSU for RTX 2070S. Yeah yeah, Nvidia, you just haven't used SeaSonic PSU's. ;)

Case Fan

The design of fan is as beautiful as airplane motor. Love it. But yeah, I hate color of sh.. okolate ;)

Case Fan

Bought this slim guy because previous mobo ASUS Strix B360 G had TOO LARGE VRM HS, so couldn't put standard fan there. Currently I have swapped the fans, but this one still does good on rear exhaust.

Case Fan



Holy glory IPS for photo edit. Not enough Hz for games. :)


I don't need your Steelseries, Razers, or mice. This one is beloved from first gaming session. :D


Well, I live in apartment, so there is no point for more power. Lol.


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The only thing you're missing is a 144hz monitor, besides that you have an overkill beast.

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Thank You! :) Yeah, but I think changing from 1080@60 to 1080@44 within same size (23-24") is money waste, EVEN I do know that 144 is waay better. Think I want something 27", not more not less, but for 27" 1080 is eye-blood because of PPI. So now I should save up to 27" WQHD@144, huh. :D

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you could also get a 144hz/1080p monitor and just have a dual screen setup.

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Also an option cuz I have VESA fix on wall, I've put it too high so it wasn't convinient to always watch the skies and I put the screen back to desk LOL

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Is your RAM being bottlenecked by your MoBo?

Memory Speed



Corsair Dominator Platinum 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200

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Nope. Z series chipset allows to run RAM faster than CPU supports. This GB Z390 M is kinnda value edition, not perfect for CPU good OC. So I choosed it for RAM 3200 speed only. Because I don't want to spend another bag of $$$ for water-cooling to get 4.7+ GHz cooled properly. For now, as I stated, at least.

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Do you recommend getting this gpu?? I don't do oc just plug and play.