This Build was built strictly (for me) for streaming, but would make a great Workspace desktop, Video Encoding PC, or slap a GPU in it and it's near the #3 best (consumer based singular CPU) PC you can make.

I was not in the market for a new GPU (I have one in my Lil Terminator Build), so I went TEAM BLUE for the CPU based on the UHD integrated graphics and BLACK FRIDAY deal (wink). I already had the HDD and RAM, so this build was a bargain.

Blazing Fast load ups, crystal streaming, and runs ice cold. Can't seem to overclock it without it hiccup'n a blue screen, I am assuming the VRMs on the MOBO are not 12+1 (or whatever) it needs for power. Oh well, **** still kicks *** at 4.0x8 cores.

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