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My Simple Beast

by A1brockman



Date Published

Feb. 12, 2017

Date Built

Feb. 9, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

4.2 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

31.0° C

GPU Core Clock Rate

1.594 GHz

GPU Effective Memory Clock Rate

8.008 GHz

GPU Temperature While Idle

37.0° C


My rabbit hole build, started with a deal on the i7, after that I needed a new motherboard which led to new ram. At that point I figured I may as well put it all in a new case and ultimately ended up with a brand new build besides the 1070 and hard drives. I use mainly for AAA gaming (RE7 is glorious), Twitch.tv streaming, music/music production, movies and generally anything else I can throw at it.

Main concern early on was wondering if I was going to be able to transfer my windows, after lots of searching and worrying I was able to do it through a microsoft program to create a new boot image on a USB. After all was reinstalled I simply had to enter product key and then check the option that I had installed new parts to get it to activate. Smooth sailing from there, fired up on first boot attempt with the basics installed and then finished installing gpu and tidying cable management.

Things that stood out: -The phanteks case is a breeze to work with and looks spectacular. (Took me way longer than I'll admit to figure out the RGB light that came with case, absolutely couldn't find the plug for it until I realized it was tangled up and hiding with all the other case cables, doh) -Did not expect the PSU box to look so damn good when I opened it -Not seeing my PSU and cables anymore is amazing -Hard drives completely hidden and easily accessible from the back if need be.

Overall, first serious build, previous 2 have been amateur barebone kits thrown together. Super happy with it. Thanks to this site and all the info i've picked up lurking for sure!

Part Reviews

CPU Cooler

Simple enough to install, does it's job and looks a hell of a lot better than the other simple aluminum air coolers.


Cheap enough compared to other comparable RAM, really sleek and perform well.


This thing has been a champ for me for 3-4 years now and no issues.

Power Supply

Perfect PSU for my needs and was astonished when opening the box that it comes with cases and such. Really looks good when you first open it up.

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Drokovian 2 points 26 months ago

It pains me that you bought a 120 GB SSD for 144 dollars when you could get a samsung 500 TB one for a 98 dollars. EDIT: Didn't realize that you bought it a while ago

Also, do you know what kind of ball bearing the PSU fan is? Are the cables actually black or just ketchup wires in black sleeving?

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Yeah haha, not quite a full build, my goal in the beginning was to just upgrade processor from a i5 2500k, which led me down the rest of the road...saved on the hard drives at least :P

Not sure on the bearing for ya, but the cable is in fact black, only cable in build that isn't black by default is an extra fan I had that's clear and was able to hide it pretty well.

Drokovian 1 point 26 months ago

How loud is the PSU under load?

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 2 points 26 months ago

Whole build maintains a pretty low "hum". Running RE7 4k@60hz with no real change in sound output. I also don't have any real sound dampening so i'm sure with the silent case or some foam it could be near silent.

Vreaker12 5 Builds 2 points 26 months ago

All in all solid parts selection and build. I always love this case and wished i could build on one. Onynsuggection is for you to go with sleeved cables to make this build even prettier. +1

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

I totally agree, possibility in the future for sure, white sleeves on the PSU cables would be ideal, and I also tossed around the idea of getting the CRYORIG H5 since it's got the white heatsink but refrained ultimately. Thanks for checking it out!

tahtoha 1 point 26 months ago

hi could you put better picture of the tempered glass case :) ?

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

I'll have to admit, I still have the plastic on it because it doesn't bother me and I don't want anything to blemish its perfection(just wrinkled around the edges, pretty flat and clear where components are) but I'll try a few pictures with it on and a couple different lights even as soon as I'm home for ya.

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

4 more pictures added, different colors and another angle or 2.

tahtoha 1 point 26 months ago

thanks! you think it looks better with tempered glass ?

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Much much better than my old case with it's 4 inch window heh, the price difference between this tempered glass and the smaller window p400 was only $5 so that's what made my decision. Well worth it to me, it looks super clean.

TTrupiano 1 point 26 months ago

whats your opinion on the motherboard. i'm in the middle of building mine and noticed your build is nearly identical...only exception is i'll be using an i5-7600K, different storage, PSU, and case. Same Mobo, GPU, Cooler, and Ram

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 26 months ago

Perfect so far, didn't really have to do anything. However, I did update the BIOS with usb just because and that was super easy. The actual bios settings seem really easy to navigate and use as well. More than meets my needs, gives enough clearance for my cooler and ram as it is.

Really helps that it was one of the cheaper z270 boards out there and looks good. I say go for it.

G4M3R99 1 point 25 months ago

What's the temp under full load?

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 25 months ago

I don't monitor stuff as much as I should, not the best help for you on this one. I also don't run those crazy benchmark tests. Have never seen cpu over 70 C though during full streaming and gameplay.

Stereotypical_Whale 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

that mobo has an led around the audio?

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

No lights on the motherboard. I believe you're seeing the case lights in the bottom left? Otherwise I'm not sure where you mean.

Stereotypical_Whale 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

the yellow light on audio section of the board.

A1brockman submitter 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

Now that I look closer, it actually is lights from the mobo. Not quite sure why though? Lol, just yellow light.

Stereotypical_Whale 1 Build 1 point 24 months ago

thats a huge derp from msi, that is unless the colour can be changed.