Story of this pc: I had a pre built, "salvaged" the SSD, HDD and the GPU and sold everything else that I were able to, I then bought the rest of the parts that I needed and here we are. I intend to overclock my CPU when I get a decent cooler, at the moment the GPU is overclocked so the core clock reaches 1911MHz and the memory reaches 2227MHz.

What I use it for: I use the pc for gaming and sometimes a bit of streaming, I play games like Overwatch, Destiny 2, GTA V, Subnautica and a lot more.

Why did I choose these parts? CPU: i7-9700K - I found a decent deal for it on the used market which I then bought. Motherboard: Z390 aorus elite - I picked it mainly because it has some of the best VRM's at that price point which is nice if you want to overclock. CPU cooler: 212 evo - the reason I bought it as mentioned above was because I needed a quick temporary cooler. RAM: 16GB CL14 G.Skill Ripjaws 2666MHz - I had the RAM sticks laying around and since I'm using an intel CPU the speed wouldn't be as important as if I had chosen an AMD CPU so the RAM were a decent choice. Storage and GPU: 256 GB Hynix NVME SSD, 1 TB Toshiba HDD with 7200 RPM and a GTX 1070 Sapphire GPU - these were from the pre-built I had, saved some money by using them instead of buying new non-OEM parts. Case: P350x by Phanteks - This is a great case, the airflow is great and it's easy to built in, I were close to picking a Meshify C over it though. PSU: RM650x - Steady PSU got everything you need, couldn't find a used G2 but this choice were far from bad, I picked the 650W model so I wouldn't have to get a new PSU if I ever decide to upgrade and get a new GPU. PC fans: 3 LL120 fans - BeCaUsE oF rGB, the performance is bad but they look great! They were on sale for what would be $40 so I thought "Why not".

*Disclaimer the SSD and GPU aren't the exact models on the list, since they´re OEM parts they weren't on PCPP and I proceeded to choose models that had the same features and looked somewhat the same.


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how did you get your side panel lights to work? I have a build with the same case and only the front panel lights work but the side panel and the power button doesnt work.

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If you press and hold both the RGB "colors" and the RGB "modes" buttons on the top of the chassis at the same time you can reset the LED board, which should fix your issue