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Part Reviews


Needed a CPU for heavy photo/video stuff and got this from a friend for an amazing discount! The installation process was different/kind of cool. The box the processor came in is currently used to hold coins because it's too cool to put in the closet.

CPU Cooler

HUGE 212 ON STEROIDS Nice LEDs SO BIG could only use 4 of my 8 sticks of ram because of it SMH


Haven't done much to warrant a review on this board. Look cool and the BIOS is good.


Flashy colors make me go ooh ahh


Only used for my DCS World install, it gets the job done I guess.


Boot times amazing, app launch times amazing, BF4 Loading no more

Video Card

Contemplating going through the hassle of RMAing, makes a weird clicking sound from one of the fans scraping the shroud. Stops after a while when the card heats up. But nice RGB although it stays red


Case is a monster, carrying handles, dark glass, nice construction, and keeps airflow amazing. Only complaint is that the front panel cables came tangled AF, and the LED thing is really weird to setup unless i'm just dumb.

Operating System

It's W10, it's aight

Case Fan

Quiet, amazing airflow, screws were too small for my case tho.


Only bought this so it could be sideways


DP cable/port is trash, cool monitor other than that!


Walmart special for 15 bucks after my old one broke, pretty cool i guess


Sound cancelling is so good that the building RA knocked, keyed in, and poked their head in, and I only heard them after they left and slammed the door upon exit. My setup is right beside the door...


Compared to the X52, this is amazing, LEDS, knobs, Switches. But it feels a good bit lighter sadly.

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What keyboard is that?

  • 7 months ago
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In the part list. Last item.

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  • 7 months ago
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SteelSeries Aped 7

  • 5 months ago
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Hey do you recommend that keyboard I was thinking about trying it