This is a case update from the Phanteks Eclipse p350x to the new Phanteks p400a

System most used for:

  • Gaming (obviously)

  • Video Editing (I fly FPV drones, and help streamers with highlights)

  • 3D Modeling (I like to play with my 3d printer)

The H115i PRO fits well in PUSH or PULL configuration. I choose to mount the fans outside the frame behind the all mess front panel as IMHO think it looks better.

The case has lots of room in front of the vertically mounted GPU for it to breath very well.

There are RBG LED strips in the left and right side of the glass side panel.


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how do you like the Phanteks RGB strips and how easy are they to work with to install to your desired position? So far it is the kit I plan on using in a future build. Also, do you control them via software or connect to a port on the case and use buttons on the case to control them? (I understand you can do either, just wondering what most people prefer)

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I really like them. They are white strips with a silicone "covering" so the white could detract. They do have embedded magnets to hold them down to the case.

Minor knit picks:

  • The magnets on the strip are round and there's a rectangle one at the very end. To account for the rectangle on the last round magnet is missing. I found this led to the strip bowing off the case just a little. However there is double sided tape included and this did the trick to hold the strip down

  • Both ends of the strips have wires and connectors to daisy chain them. You'll need to account for this, they are black, but can be visible. You can see it on the bottom left corner of the image of the Right side view just bellow the GPU.

I bought these strips because they are compatible with my MOBO's RGB headers and software. Make sure you're MOBO or what ever you want to use to control them are compatible. So I control them via Gigabyte's RGB Fusion software that controls all the RGB except the water cooler's cpu block

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thanks for the detailed response. helps clarify for me that these would work for my setup too

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