Built this one a few years back now but I was bored so made this profile. Still a solid gaming machine even if the CPU is a little long in the tooth. I've got better pics somewhere but you get the idea. It's huge and its very red.

Part Reviews


Great when it came out and its still running strong OC'd to 4.8ghz.

CPU Cooler

Quiet and works great.


No issues. I like their bios.


Cheap and it matches. No issues.


Got it on sale. Used it for the operating system.


Cheap and fairly spacious.

Video Card

Couple of workhorses but running them is SLI probably was a bad idea. They are loud. We're talking leaf blower on a windy day. If I ever build another SLI system I'll use blower cards or liquid cool.


Fantastic case. Super easy to build in, incredibly spacious. Feel free to stick anything in this thing, it will fit.

Power Supply

Energy efficient and plenty of power. Also, it was on sale.


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You'd be better off configuring the side fan as an intake, rather than an exhaust to supply fresh air to the storages (and a bit for the GPU as well).

Solid build, by the way. :D

I've got the same PSU.

What are your OC settings? Is the CPU running at 4.8 GHz?

  • 24 months ago
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CPU at 4.8ghz and yeah I flipped that fan a while back.

  • 24 months ago
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Well done, decent OC. :)

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